Serious ribbing with PARKER RIBS

There are RIBS that look wonderful in a showroom with soft upholstery and flashy bench seating but are barely able to get over a wave without leaving the crew bruised and battered; then there are RIBS that look so commercial that they could survive a trip over Niagara Falls but offer little in the way of comfort or estetics. At Parker Ribs we have tried to combine the best of both worlds without compromising either and with careful development we feel we have the balance just right. The hull shape and construction provide an "honest", tough, soft riding, seaworthly craft whose dynamics match anything in the market place, whilst the on-deck consoles, seating and general ergonomics have come from evaluating thousands of hours on the water in varing conditions to establish what really works and incorporate it into the entire range. Whether cruising with the family in calm conditions on a smooth blue sea or battling the elements on an ugly, rough grey sea, Parker Ribs provide the reassurance that everyone expects but seldom gets.


Parker Ribs 2015 Catalogue

The Parker Ribs NEW 2015 catalogue

Security & Policing Exhibition

A.H.Parker & Sons (Gt. Britain) Ltd <> Parker Ribs will be exhibiting at the Security & Policing Exhibition

The Blessing of two Parker ribs

On Friday 16th January 2015 took place the blessing of the two Parker ribs

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